Black Dragon Kenpo

Officially licenced by Ed Parker Sr.'s International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA)  /  Member - Advanced Kenpo Training System (AKTS)




1.  If you are sick or not feeling well.....stay home.

2.  Capacity is limited to 50% of the maximum occupancy of  a particular area, inclusive of instructors, students and        spectators.

3.  No more than 1 spectator per student due to the size of    the waiting area.  A distance of 6 feet must be maintained      at all times.  Face coverings must be worn.  The most            preferred practice would be parents dropping off                  students and picking them up at the end of class outside.

4.  Students must come to class in their full uniforms,            including a properly tied belt, before they enter the                school.  There will be no changing in the waiting area or      restroom.

5.  For those training, a distance of 6 feet must be ensured    between individuals at all times unless safety or core            activity (martial art) requires a shorter distance.  If a              shorter distance is required, individuals must wear face        coverings.

6.  Signs will be posted in both the waiting area and                workout area dictating distancing and face covering              rules.

7.  Acceptable face coverings include but are not limited to  cloth, (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana) or              surgical masks.  There will be no sharing of face                    coverings.

8.  All equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after every  class.

9.  Hand sanitizer will be made available for students to use  before, during and after class.

10. No food or beverages will be allowed to be brought into  the building.  Students may bring their own clearly                marked water bottles.  Water will also be made available        at the school.  If a bottle is purchased, the student must        initial it or write his or her name on it.

11. Restroom will be cleaned and disinfected between            classes.

12. A class that just concluded must be fully emptied out      before the students for the next class will be allowed              into the school.

ALL these measures MUST be adhered to for the school to reopen and stay open.  Thank you for your cooperation.